Theme design : Yellow and Gray color combination!

Each color has certain characteristics. They are generally classified as 'warm' or 'cool' color. Some are bright, intense and radiate energy, while some are soothing and neutral. Yellow is the sunny color. Its bright and full of energy, stimulates senses and is perfect when combined with a neutral like gray. Gray is such a regal color, not too heavy like black, yet it makes its presence felt, it adds the touch of serenity.

Together, the combination of Yellow and Gray is great for decorating any room. They are the perfect foil for each other. The neutral serene gray which lets the yellow pop out. Here are some stunning designs to inspire you to explore this color scheme.

This living room is so stylish!! Its like a work of art, each decorative piece has been chosen with deliberation. Love the choice of pillows and cushions. The subtle detailing on the wall is so pretty!

The color combo in this bedroom shows the possibilities with yellow and gray together with black and white. Gray and yellow balance each other quite like ever favorite black and white. The stylish chrome and interesting pattern on the cushions hold the eyes. Beautiful regal!

Simple chic modern living room. If I were to design one for myself, this would be it. Its so delicate, the rose pattern rug, wall hangings and retro lamp. I would snap the tables in a heartbeat! beautiful rustic,and can use them for extra seating. 

Darker shade of gray with yellow is so masculine! The color is so dark and rich, and the yellow almost glows. Yet another idea for a makeover for adolescent or teen bedroom. The stripes keeps the whole look very interesting.

Hallway designs are not easy. The space is limited, yet it makes a big impact. It sets the tone to the entire home. This is a fun and fabulous way to decorate a lobby or even under the stairway. Get out those vintage pictures, buy art in black and white, use just one bright color like yellow to jazz it up!!

We have been seeing a lot of modern designs, however the color combination of gray and yellow is equally good in a traditional setup. This living room is brimming with ideas! Look at the interesting curtains and the hardware on the bureau. Retro modern decor is so fascinating!

Very stylized, modern space saving design for teen bedroom. This bedroom utilizes space to the max for two kids. Includes study with cabinets to boot! Yellow keeps the place full of energy and warmth.

Yellow against a slate gray wall is powerful yet elegant. Gray is present in many shades with deliberate pop of yellow to break the monotony and ease the effect. The interesting textures add to the grandness of the room decor. 


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