Inspiration : Mediterranean/Moroccan style decor Ideas

If you love vibrant and exotic colors, and have a taste for stylish and elegant furnishing, Moroccan decor is a beautiful choice! The intricate detailing on furniture, mosaic accents, rich jewel tones..all of them elements of this beautiful Mediterranean decor.

This is such a gorgeous setting! The touch of exotic in a simple setup. I love the flowers, the mosaic mirror, the straw storage boxes. The color palate is chic without being overwhelming. Stacked floor cushions and the carpet are important elements of Moroccan style decor. Bone white with the pop of fuchsia.

The Moroccan style furniture are low with simple, clean lines. The detailing on the furniture and the elaborate upholstery adds to the richness. The living room setting is so inviting. It would be perfect for hot summer months to laze around with friends. The best of elegance without compromising on comfort!

The shade of blue is the focal point here. It reminds of the sea and the lovely luxuriant yellow and rose pink add to the sophistication. There is another theme going with the beautiful marble inlay work furniture. The details are beautiful and shines in the day light. Ornate and intricate!

The colors used in Mediterranean/Moroccan style decor are beautiful, rich and luxuriant. The jewel tones with the shimmer of gold and silver in beautiful silk can be recreated in satin. Moroccan lamps with infuse any corner with an exotic feel. Use simple elements in your home decor, add a little bit of drama and excitement!

This bedroom has all the elements of Moroccan style decor. Low furniture design, lush extravagant upholstery, colorful intricate accents, heavy carpet and a beautiful surreal feel. The bedroom is right out of a fairytale. Its like an experience in itself.

The design above is traditional Moroccan style. This is a more modern take on it. Instead of adding all the curtains and canopy the walls are textured and painted a beautiful shimmery rose pink. The pendant lamp adds the soft dim light. The color theme is reflected in the bedspread as well as accent lamp. It is luxurious without being overwhelming. 

Another modern design with includes some pretty elements from the Moroccan style decor. The lovely mosaic mirror is the focal point. Unusual coral pink dresser add to the mystique. The furniture is modern, yet with the lovely rug thrown in the design is elevated to a contemporary Mediterranean style

If you are unsure about using elements from this style inside your home, convert your patio into a lovely Moroccan bazaar tent. Your guests will be delighted!!! Its not only pleasing to eyes but totally functional. Love the ombre curtains and the luscious use of pink and white. Very pretty!!

Try using some elements of this beautiful style in your home decor. Moroccan style lamps and ornate mirrors are easy to find and lovely to incorporate. Start with a corner and if you like it, incorporate some more elements. Find your own mix of fabrics, accents and colors. Designing and decoration a home is a never ending passion!!


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