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Stella de Oro DaylilySpring is just around the corner even though it does not feel that way today. It is cold with freezing rain and snow flurries. Everything was coated with ice this morning thanks to the Colorado Clipper as it made its way northeast. I'm itching to be in the garden again! This week I will be starting a few seeds indoorsGardens can be so much more than just plants and while
MarigoldThe marigolds were wonderful last summer so I have several close-ups. I'm playing with Adobe Photoshop today. Can you tell I'm bored and itching to get into the garden? I'm learning lots of neat tricks and thought this photo would lend itseld to the technique I wanted to use.It is getting time to start seeds indoors for us. Some of the seed packs say to start 8 to 12 weeks before

Cactus Seedlings Update

Cactus SeedlingsThe cactus seedlings continue to grow. There are now twenty seedlings but they are too small to determine what kind of cactus yet. I think they fairly close to being the same yet some have a tinge of pinkish red while the rest are green. They should be developing tiny spines shortly.Happy Gardening!Garden Gnome© 2007
Garden Under SnowThe garden is under snow thanks to the recent snow storm. While it has been blowing quite a bit creating drifts the garden is surviving. The greenhouse is not opened at the moment but if we dig a bit we can get a few fresh herbs. Still the blanket of snow looks rather nice even though there is little growing at the moment.Garden Gnome© 2007

Wild Violets

I thought I would share this picture taken last spring. I used it for an animation project on one of my Yahoo groups. It is animated but for some reason the animation gets stripped when uploaded to my blog. Aside of the animation, this picture was a bit more challenging as I played with the filters in Photoshop and used several layers.I find wild violets (family - Viola) delightful! We are

Cactus Kit Update

Cactus SeedlingsIt took a bit longer but there are now eight cactus seedlings. They are about a quarter of an inch tall. There are a few seeds that haven't germinated yet so perhaps they will before the dome lid needs to be removed. Now the soil needs to be kept just moist to prevent the seedlings from rotting but to give enough moisture to allow the seedlings to survive until the first spines

Early Spring

An early spring has been predicted by Wiarton Willy who did not see his shadow this morning. His prediction doesn't quite match The Old Farmer's Almanac (2007) for this area. They predicted the "groundhog peeks, freaks! Six more weeks!". February is predicted to be -11ºC (3º below avg). A snow storm is predicted for February 5 to 8 and more snow throughout the month. March is prediced to be

Cactus Seedlings

Cactus SeedlingsI brought home a cute cactus starting kit from Las Vegas on our recent trip. This was an ideal solution since I thought trying to transport cactus plants on the plane or through Canadian customs would be problematic. The kit came with the soil, a seed packet that could contain upto ten varieties of cactus (including saguaro, prickly pear, cholla, fire barrel, fishhook barrel and
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