Modern Kitchen Design Inspired By Red High Brightness Up: Modern Kitchen Design Inspired High-gloss Red | Kitchen Designs

Design kitchens, red is a trendy color, fits well in a modern style and offers an attractive look fashionable. Red can be well combined with many other colors like black, white, off white steel, silver and stainless steel. In the photos below, we see two fine examples of use of the kitchen red: In the first, the designer used to gloss over the kitchen cabinets in Burgundy are made of frosted glass, and combined with a pair of dirty white gloss cabinets, which add a very nice good contrast and well done, and there are also some of the stainless steel elements (handles, built-in oven, sink and faucet), adding a beautiful appearance and matching with the minimalist style kitchen.

The second model is so stylish and fashionable, it is composed of aluminum enclosures minimalist in simple rectangular shapes. The cabinets are transparent with stainless steel frame, while the cabinets on the floor is a large bright red lacquer with stainless steel handle, countertop and wall oven in stainless steel cap on top of the stove to complete the look elegant cooking. This design is an example of the beauty of the decoration of modern style based on simplicity of form and play with colors, to make such a major project that meets all modern housewife looking for a practical use and stylish .


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