Slugging the Slugs!

graphic by Forrest BrownPokey asked about slug problems in strawberries. I thought the topic should be discussed in greater detail. As many of you know, I garden as organically as possible with dish soap and vinegar being about as toxic as I will use. I also grow most of my vegetables in raised beds or containers. This makes slug control considerably easier. Most slug control involves


Strawberry BloomsMay 15, 2007My experience with strawberries is they are very hardy. My June bearing strawberries are now in bloom so it won't be long. The majority of them are housed in a 8' x 10' raised bed. The bed originally was planted with strawberry plants I moved from our old house, planted in a temporary bed then moved to the new raised bed the following year. I do not know what

Attacting Birds to Your Garden

Ruby Throated HummingbirdMay 10, 2007Look at my new garden visitor! Isn't he just adorable? This picture was a real fluke as the feeder is hanging on the back porch so I can see any activity from the kitchen window. Well there he was flitting around so I had to grab the camera and take several shots. I should have taken a video clip as well but I was so excited, I didn't think about it.


GoldfinchesMay 3, 2007Gardening is more than just growing things. For years I have tried to attract beneficial wildlife especially birds and butterflies. This is always a pleasant time of the year when the goldfinches return. They like niger seed as does the house finches. Their bright yellow colour is sure to bring a smile as they flit around the garden!Yesterday I did a little garden


RhubarbMay 2, 2007It has been a great pleasure to see the newly planted last year rhubarb come up. My husband is so excited and is patiently awaiting the first rhubarb pie. I will can up some as well for use as a sauce in the winter. My pie and canning recipes are on my cooking blog, Mom's Cafe Home Cooking if you are interested. The rhubarb should be ready for first cutting later this
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