How to Get Ready for a House Guest {repost}

I am having my Mother-in-Law stay with us so I have been busy getting ready for her to come.  I thought that I would share with how I get ready for overnight guests.

The Guest Room

Make sure your guest sheets are clean.

2010 12 08_1337

Add a little Christmas decor

2010 12 08_1339

But not too much.

2010 12 08_1340

Keep it simple.

2010 12 08_1342

Make sure you take away your other decor before adding more.  Keep it Simple!

2010 12 08_1343

If you can, clear out some closet space for your guest.

2010 12 08_1346

Empty out a drawer for some of their belongings.

2010 12 08_1347

The Bathroom

Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper and it is easy to find.

2010 12 09_1290

Make sure you have clean towels and they easily accessible.

2010 12 09_1299 2010 12 09_1300

Add a cute hand towel

2010 12 09_13012010 12 09_1302

Provide extra toiletries.  I keep the ones from hotels and save incase someone forgets something.

2010 02 25_0701

Around the  House

Pick up all the toys



Wash the Windows  (I use Basic H)

2010 12 08_1404

Smell good – because my household cleaner doesn’t have a scent, around Christmas, I like to add peppermint essential oil to my spray bottle for Christmas time.

2010 12 09_1303

Plan a tablescape.

2010 12 08_1352

Stock the fridge

2010 12 10_1419

Keep extra throw blankets around.


Clean the carpet.

2010 12 14_1448_thumb

Are you having guests this Christmas?

What do you do to get ready for them?



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