In rural communities, windbreaks are a common scene and for good reason. They slow the wind down or prevent prevailing winter winds from hitting your house directly saving valuable heating dollars. In the summer they slow or prevent soil erosion. In the heat of the summer deciduous windbreaks help to cool winds before they reach your house. Some windbreaks provide a habitat for small birds

Merry Christmas

Happy Gardening!Garden Gnome©2006-2008

Real Verses Artificial Christmas Trees

It's that time of year for the most popular holiday icon to make its presence. A decorated Christmas tree is a must have for many. In years past that meant going out and cutting your own tree. In recent times it means pulling the artificial tree from the closet and setting it up. Either way the Christmas tree is a seasonal tradition. There are definite reasons for choosing a real Christmas

Carbon Neutral for a Day

You cannot imagine how surprised I was to see this certificate saying I was carbon neutral for a day! Our carbon footprint is something that we have been actively reducing for quite some time. We do this by growing as much as we can organically and reducing our consumption in all areas of our lives. With each house we have learned more so we have been able to fine tune to a higher level and
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