Callinadnra emarginata was Please Help Identify

Calliandra emarginata(Pink Powderpuff)January 10, 2009[edited to include updated information, March 2, 2009]During our vacation in central Florida I spotted this beautiful shrub. Unfortunately there was no one out and about when I took the picture so I could not ask what it was. If anyone can identify this beautiful bush could you please leave a comment? Thanks so much!Thanks to the help of

Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides)

Spanish Moss(Tillandsia usneoides)Many of the trees in the resort we stayed at during our winter vacation in Florida had a lot of Spanish Moss aka Florida moss, long moss or graybeard hanging from them. I thought it was rather pretty and would have liked to bring some home. Spanish moss is not a true moss but rather an epiphytic plant which grows on other plants. Unlike parasitic plants,


BrugmansiaJanuary 14, 2009Overlooking one of the grottoes in Hollis Garden (Lakeland, Florida) was an amazingly beautiful flowering shrub with huge, drooping trumpet shaped flowers. Unfortunately I could not get close enough to see if they smelled as heavenly as they looked. When we arrived home I did a little research to identify this flowering shrub. I would love to grow this pretty shrub if

Hollis Garden (Lakeland, Florida)

Hollis GardenJanuary 14, 2009During our recent vacation to the sun and warmth of Florida our friends who vacation there for the entire winter (lucky them) took us sightseeing. One of our stops was Hollis Garden. This beautiful 1.2 acre garden that was donated to Lakeland is located on the south side of Lake Mirror Park in Lakeland. It is home to thousands of flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables
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