Inspiration Dining Room Design Ideas Modern And Minimalist

The strengthening of ethnic-style touch of culture and nature, as well as a whole. The details of the ethnic elements is applied to windows and furniture. We remember the kindness of the people of the probe, and the beautiful nature. While the support team in the space structure of the roof and floor view teak lesehan, reminiscent of the natural wealth to be thankful.

To create a wealth of materials and shapes that can be enjoyed, IDA use natural light through large windows on the wall. One, the window width is not really in the region, but Pasundan of Solo, Central Java. However, a window on the outside of the media router sun, becomes a dining room large part exotic. The light entering the room left the "cut" on the floor in the room, or objects that are affected by the shade. Examples of the design of the dining room is very nice and comfortable.


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