Theme Design: Purple and Gold color combination!

Purple and Gold is a gorgeous combination. The colors compliment each other beautifully and adds a royal touch. Purple and Gold accessories can add instant sophistication to any room. Combined with rich textures of silk and satin it looks absolutely stunning.

Use a hint of Purple-Gold in upholstery, or paint the wall in purple shades. Wall paper in gold and purple can add a glamour quotient to any space. This is a very popular color combination, and is totally worth a consideration.

 Beautiful Moroccan style bedroom in Purple and Gold. Exotic fabric and floral motif looks absolutely regal. This color combination specially suits exotic themed decoration.

Beautiful pastel lilac wall looks absolutely gorgeous with an addition of few mirrors in antique gold. A sure way to add a bit of elegance, use spray paint for a budget makeover!

Diy Tip: Scout for ornate picture frames in any color, spray dull gold and pop a mirror into it.

A fantastic wall paper can be the best investment! Even with a few tasteful pieces of furniture it can look expensive. A very vintage glam styling that's absolutely fabulous.

Mixing texture and finish is a good way to add interest to any corner. A distressed industrial style table with delicate satin shade table lamp and a retro plastic woven chair. What a treat!

An upscale modern bedroom decor. The color scheme is elegant gray and purple with a bit of invigorating gold. Perfect choice for master bedroom with a definite flair!

The exotic floral wallpaper is the star in this living room. Perfectly coordinated to this are the plush furniture and upholstery. Very glitzy and so vintage Hollywood !

A striking gold ornate bed set acquire the focal attention. Burnished gold is so regal, it is complimented perfectly by the velvet purple. Definitely a few notch above simple living!

Combination of gray, purple and golden yellow is so unusual. This tastefully done living room is cozy, vibrant and very polished. Bits of flowery print compliments the striped wall paper. Love!

Bright intricate purple Moroccan style tiles for the bathroom. Don't limit this amazing color combination to only the rooms, even bath can look absolutely stunning!

A classic appeal with twist! Lovely beige walls lets the purple cabinets take center stage. Beautiful brass knobs and vintage kitschy furniture. This kitchen is made for laughter and memories!

Christmas tree in gold and decoration in purple against a vintage gold snowflake pattern wall. How apt! December is just a month away, I can never be far from Christmas decoration ideas :c)

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