Modern Pool Design Ideas A Minimalist And Modern

The pool has a number of functions. Not only the display of aesthetic functions, but also for health and recreation. In addition, the pool also able to strengthen ties between family members. The pool is not only an arena for swimming, but also a family of integrated tools. For those of us who swim hobby, has a swimming pool at home to be a good solution. Yes, the dream has its own swimming pool is very popular with everyone. Pools need room or large area for the convenience and security of its users. Aquatic plants and other water that we can place in the garden.

Yes, this is a house with shades of Islam? Many developers realize this Islamic concept of form and design houses. For example studded walls carved calligraphy, prayer room in the house, there is particular pressure washing the bathroom should not face Qibla.Here are some examples of the pool design idea of ​​decoration.


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