In Remembrance

I come from a strong military family with ancestors that were instrumental in shaping the history of Canada. I grew up surrounded by relatives who had fought for this country. Some of them made the ultimate sacrifice and while they are no longer here they live forever in our memories. If this video does not bring tears to your eyes, nothing will. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th

Update 3

Sorry it has taken me a bit longer than anticipated for updating. I really wanted to update the background to the new style that I like but at the same time I wanted to keep the ivy graphic. Most of the updating is finished and I'm happy with the results. Over the next few days you may notice a few minor changes but nothing really disruptive. I'm considering eliminating both the "digg" and "

More Updating

I'm working on finishing up the blog changes today so don't worry if you see a few strange things going on.Happy Gardening!Garden Gnome©2006-2008


Blog Update: Starting tomorrow morning I will be updating this blog somewhat. You may see some weird things going on as I test things out. Most of the changes will involve the sidebar and header. I'm still debating other changes like the background. Please don't worry though as these changes will not affect the posts or archives. So please bare with me for the next couple of days. I
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