Beautiful Formal Dining Room

Wood Dining Table With Rosewood Banding

The formal dining room has a beautiful satin wood dining table in rosewood strips. Chairs feature a walnut, and directly into the ground (incomplete) Antiques Augustine. Lou and Marie chose the full costume and the work was completed in Staten Island Shop. Lou is proud of the legacy of the father of a craftsman, and he knows the custom finishes and finishing at the end of the business is actually doing house versatile design Augustine.

 Minimalist Italian Table:

 The dining room, with it `s formal proportions, using a table and chairs minimalist Italian Minotti with great dramatic effect in the context of a cross-chest combed plaster fire polished. The jewel of the room is bright Hellbob designed by Ruhl Mans Hague.

Suitable For Everyday Dining:

 For many households have food and casual dining, fun and flexible in two separate rooms is a good option. For homeowners with dining furniture and have to balance how to get enough space for a casual look at the official dinner, or an official document adapted to eating every day, there are some difficulties.

Combination Of  Simple Furniture:

• A combination of simple furniture with more traditional pieces create a classic crisp.

• A window of the library provides an elegant way to show glasses and dishes, linens and save the table.

• slipcovers on the chairs in the room gives a sophisticated impression.

• Soft, ambient lighting table lamps, candlesticks and candles, the mood is guaranteed Dini

 Elegant Dinning Table:

 Instead, the central chandelier, or a single light above his head in the dining room to use several types of lighting to give it warmth and depth. Wall can be a great way to give enough light to eat without a clear overwhelming large central light source may be.

Comfortable Dinning Table:

All are part of an extended family from the moment they step on the huge wraparound porch. Comfortable rockers countries are located in a pleasant conversation and pleasant view of the Delaware River. View a photo for a book or walk in a cozy lounge. In the formal dining room, the brightness of the light Teeny beautiful plants. The long table candles, and the total Victorian decor adds to the opulence of the inimitable breakfast.


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