10 Interesting ways to display art on walls!

Displaying art is an art in itself! There are different types of art work that you can collect, make or thrift to create an awesome display. It could range from fine paintings, photographs, your craft or even a mix of different kinds. The idea is to not clutter while keeping things interesting.

If displayed artistically even an assortment of art forms can look spectacular. If you think only painting and prints make stylish wall art, here is some inspiration for you. For the budget conscious, even crocheted swatches or empty frames have great potential as creative art displays for your home.

This is one of the cutest form of wall art! Love the vibrant colors. Imagine getting one made by each of your sisters/aunts and displaying! The cushions are drool worthy! Very cheerful and fun :)

Go thrifting!! The art ledge is full of vintage prints/paint by numbers. The floral theme is so easy on the eyes and even the small corner has the charm of a french cafe! I specially adore the milk glass and vintage phone.

Christmas theme here, but can be recreated in any color. Just keep looking for plates with a theme in mind. It could be color/pattern/ motif(flowers, birds). They go up in a breeze and easy to rotate with holiday and seasons.

Black and white with gray is so sophisticated! The optical illusion prints are so interesting. A wonderful focal point for a masculine living room. Terrific look for a modern contemporary home!

Adore the lovely color combination. The idea is simple, with great results. Simple black frames pop against the pastel blue. Pocket friendly and easy do-it-yourself. Easy winner!

An eclectic mix of art is not easy to pull off. yet when executed well it just stand out! The rich purple wall is such a beautiful foil to display the gorgeous colors. I am specially smitten by the skinny framed art in the middle and the punchy yellow in the gorgeous ornate frame!

If you have been lucky to have inherited vintage family pictures in good state, this is just the one for you! Different tones of sepia look so awesome. There is symmetry and history served together. Go vertical if you can, it creates more interest.

Decals are a popular choice for wall makeovers. Its cost effective & easy to install. This wall design is specially neat for its use with photographs. The frames are decals and the pictures can be pasted with double sided tape. Create a memory wall and keep including new ones as you like! Heart it!

Frugal and fab! If you are still looking for a choice of paintings..don't let it hold you back. This is such an easy installation. Interesting how it looks complete even without any art insertion. Get yourself a stash of frames, spray paint and install. Viola!!!

This cluster of art piqued my interest. I would bend back to check whats hiding :o) If you like a little mystery and drama, this is a fun way to install. It would be a good idea to keep switching places so all of them get the spotlight though ;o) 

These are just a few ideas to inspire you. Take out your art collection and arrange and rearrange on the floor to find what you like best. Click pictures and check again. Most important, hang them up!! Its no fun storing them when they can add so much character and spirit to your home and lives. Get going and get inspired.


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