Teen bedroom designs: Modern Space saving ideas- II

Designing teen bedroom can be a fun challenge. There are a lot of factors to consider when designing and decorating one. The use of space, color mix and the furniture all of them should provide for space for all essential. It should have a dedicated study area, ample wardrobe, and some open space too. The focus should be on a comfortable space with good lighting and uncluttered to keep the mood happy and creative.

Each of the design here have modern minimalist decor and are space efficient. The look is cool and fun with the advantage of an uncluttered pleasant living space. Perfect for apartments and smaller rooms, these design are aesthetically beautiful, and space conserving at the same time.

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 Perfect for siblings or twins, this bedroom is space efficient and very pretty. The pastel color combination brigs relief to eyes and the mix of pattern keeps it light and fun. There is optimum space utilization.

The neat idea of having a pull out bed under the corner elevated study area is so innovative! Once the bed is push in,  free space increases for more living/playing area. A perfect solution for city apartment!

The spacious look and bright red is so invigorating! Each part of a kid's day has been taken into account and there are designated space for unwinding, studying and sleep. Simple and stylish!

Green is often associated with peace and serenity. This lovely combination of white, green and light wood. The emphasis is again on keeping it functional with maximum space conservation. Clean lines and simple furniture add to the decluttered look.

This teen bedroom idea is special in the way it reflects light to make the space look bigger and crisp. The floor finish has mirror like reflection and bounces the natural light for maximum effect.

The beautiful punch of colors will appeal to teenagers. Blue and orange makes this teen room lively and bright. Two beds in a small room and yet a clean crisp result.

Sheer ingenuity! This bedroom is really tiny. and yet the space is used to maximum potential. I can imagine it a high rise in Tokyo/LA, where space is really expensive! High on functional quotient with aesthetically viable looks.

Notice how the curved closet is so streamlined and almost acts like a reflector for the light from the window. A fantastic corner bedroom idea. Its designed for two kids, or a sleepover. Shelves on the wall leaves the floor uncluttered.

Open bedroom plan idea for teenager. There is a lot of enclosed space for storage and the bed is the focal point. The pastel green is a cool shade and adds to the entire aesthetics.


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