20 Halloween pumpkin craft idea: Easy last minute!!

Halloween is here!! And I am sure all of us are looking for some fun ideas to decorate this fall. Pumpkin carving is a highlight for so many and rightfully so. I love the creativity and fun involved in planning, carving and finally watching it glow in the evening. Everyone has different skill levels, and carving is not always easy.  Getting kids involved makes everything more special. Here are simple craft ideas to involve your little ones too.

This post is specially for those who love impressing without too much mess and with little time. The ideas are great for entire family and there are a few great tips and tricks to get yourself a drool worthy result. Think spray paints, ribbons, cookie cutters and embellishments. Easy peasy craft ideas coming up here!!

How cute are these! And so versatile too..arrange them on a cake stand or in front of fireplace, use with table setting or even as little gifts for your co-workers. Adorable and easy for little fingers. :)

Love this arrangement! A fun way to use pumpkin as a cooler. The black and orange looks pretty impressive. The guys will surely have fun carving this one ;)

'Looking glass' spray can transform pumpkins into these gorgeous centerpieces! Use a metallic spray first to get the best effect, and seal with clear spay. A stunning look with some hard work :-D

via Pottery Barn

Revisiting this post! The pumpkins here are glass, look for clear pumpkin shaped glass (hurricanes or tea light holder, Pumpkin candy holder or jack o lanterns).

Spray in small bursts. For the distressed look spray inside with a fine mist of water before the metallic spray. Found via here, how silver foil can also be used with great result!

For those who would like to try on fake foam pumpkins or dollar store plastic ones just use silver metallic spay and decorate with black dimension paint 

or gilded thumb tacked

A whole lot of ways to decorate spray painted pumpkin ideas!!

Enjoy the easy craft!

Witches black cat and pumpkin rolled into one. Love the piercing orange eyes and the pointed ears. Easy way to do would be to leave the stump of the 'body' pumpkin on and hollow the head to fit them together. Use knitting spokes to hold them better. Spray paint and done!!

Cut little bats out of layers of black craft paper. Let your little ones glue them on, or use black thumb tacks if feasible. Its zero carving and so fun. Little kids would love making it.

Martha Stewart is a genius with this one! A big mallet and cookie cutter is all you need to make awesome pumpkin displays. You cannot go wrong with this. Keep looking for interesting displays using this cheat :)

Simple cookie cutter used to cut holes and scooped out pumpkin holding a votive. Ta da!!

This display is so stylish! love how different colored pumpkins have been holed first and then re-plugged to make an impressive centerpiece/yard decoration. How fun would be to plug the holes :)

Once the holes are plugged and you are feeling a little confident, carve out simple flowers using stencils for help. Change the design by using square cutters too and make it more interesting.

Candy corn :) This makes me smile. Love how polished these look. Easy enough and ready in almost no time if you have prior spray painting experience. Last minute decoration.

No carving involved in this super fun display. Get hold of googly eyes, blingy jewels, thumb tacks and get decorating. Its spooky, within budget and ready in little time. A perfect diy for kids.

Maybe not spooky but oh so sophisticated! This looks like a store bought display but can be made with little supplies. All you would need is some golden craft paint , golden glitter dimension paint and some vellum leaves. I would love to make this!

Another simple and artistic display using small pumpkins. This would be great for fall and thanksgiving season too.

The pumpkins displayed together here look so festive. The different textures and designs are unique and should be left as they are to be appreciated as well.

Another outdoor display which is functional as well. Carve your house number, and instantly brighten up your door front!

Spray paint is a great for pumpkin projects. This has black sprayed, with designs etched/scratched out. Quite simple and country style chic. A unique way to use black and orange.

This is the simplest or all and yet looks so aesthetically pleasant. Line up your pumpkins even before you have had a chance to carve them.


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