9 Colorful Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration!!

Designer kitchen backsplash are a great way to add some brightness and cheer. Add your creative touch, use it as a perfect accent piece while keeping it functional . There are so many beautiful and easy ways to design an impressive one and increase the style quotient of your kitchen tremendously!!

Choose from a variety of texture, color and finish to decorate your kitchen. It can be a bright focal point in the kitchen or compliment the color scheme .Fun and unique, or classic and evergreen. Choose from expensive hand painted tiles to a lovely mix of mosaic, add your personality in the design!!

Love the pretty green, and everything else in this absolutely cheerful space. I would be caught dancing a happy dance in this kitchen :) The pretty glossy kitchen tiles make the backsplash so delightful! Love how the light reflects, making this so stunning!

 Such glamour and style! This design blew me away, the mirror mosaic combined with beautiful black tiles. Everything sparkles a little extra! This backsplash is so unique and a gorgeous focal point without a doubt. Love the cute distorted reflection on it too. Heart it!!

Drama and elegance combines to make this blue and white backsplash a work of art. The various patterns in the same color combination brings variety and creativity without being too busy. It adds visual interest to the kitchen.  Color palette reminds me of Mediterranean theme too.

 This Chalkboard paint backsplash is by far the cutest and most innovative! Imagine being able to change colors, pattern and designs at will! I can see myself noting down menu, recipes and doodling while in here. So cute! Its super cost effective, great for any age and so fun. Must do :)

Mosaic tile backsplash is a great choice too. It is a great way to combine colors of your choice and keep a theme going. Multitude of color, textures and finish are available so you can create your personal fit. Love the appeal of energetic orange and neutral white keeps it bright and airy.

 Mosaic tiles with new twist and little creativity! These glass cabochons in pretty agate look absolutely delicious. The random design and fun color makes it sophisticated without being too pricey. Add a little oomph by combining some dichroic/fused glass cabs scattering. Tres chic!

 On a budget and looking for a designer kitchen backsplash? Try the retro wall paper backsplash in some bright, fun pattern for a retro modern style. Choose your own design and create an artistic kitchen nook without killing your budget. Look for instruction over net and you are ready to go!

 A perfectly amazing seamless plexiglass backsplash! Easily available,  durable and cleaning it is a breeze. I love the Tiffany green too. Its serene and so chic. Glass/lexan/plexiglass or any tempered glass with be perfect for kitchen and it adds oodles to your kitchen aesthetics.

This colorful bohemian backsplash is so lust worthy! The crazy mix of colors and design, erratic and customized to your like. Imagine being able to recycle when creating this stunning piece of art. Its not just good looking, its easy on your wallet and great for environment too. Got yourself inspired yet?

A definite conversation starter! 

Yellow is a beautiful color with so much possibilities. This retro mod style is so appealing. Love the yellow and white petite tiles for backsplash, it looks beautiful in combination with green and orange too.  Not the most conventional but emerges a winner non the less.

Never seen a backsplash so unique. The color treatment makes it look like a painting framed on a wall. How interesting is the color combination too. White looks stunning with deep red. The kitchen is small sized but so high on style quotient! Perfect for an apartment or dorm.

Creating a kitchen backsplash is an exciting project and even simple designs can add a refreshed look to the entire space. A new kitchen backsplash in your desired color and theme can reflect your personal taste and style. Choose from different material and get ideas and inspiration to zero in to the perfect fit for your home. Get inspired and get designing!!


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