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Hello!  How are you doing today?  We have been really busy lately, as usual.  I have been keeping my facebook fans updated but we have had broken bones lately including me breaking my foot.  I will write a whole post about what and how that happened as well as other things going on around the house.  Because I was not walking for a while, blogging has been slacking.  We also had crown molding installed and I love it.  I posted a pic here.  I also have been busing organizing too

Anyway, I have another guest post for you today! 

Meet Latoya from The Scott’s Crib!  She just became a new blogging friend and Shaklee Distributor so please welcome here!

Here is one of her recent posts…

Last week I showed you my barely successful attempt at hanging the thingy above my cabinets.  This week I am still working above the cabinets but I actually know the name of the product that I am working with this week, letters.

Yes, I am working with letters, glue, magazine clippings, and scissors. 

Hard stuff right? 

I pulled out all of my tools and got to work on my first grade art project. I had been eyeing this particular project on Pinterest and I finally decided that it's time that I stop pinning so much and actually do some of these projects on my board. 

This one seemed easy enough so I took it on.



I also had my eye on this one below but something about this one just didn't sit right with me.  I couldn't actually imagine putting real money on letters with some glue.  I mean we are in a recession and that change comes in very handy when time to mail a bill or put a quarter into the thingy to get a buggy while shopping at Aldi.



Now let's get into how I made these...

First off I brought the letters from Hobby Lobby for $1.99 a piece.  The rest of the stuff I already had at home.  I contemplated many different ways to get the look I wanted, one of which included spray paint.  My husband vehemently declares that I am a fake gangster because I like to spray paint everything so I told him that I nixed that idea and decided to use magazine pages and glue.  (Nanny nanny boo boo Mr. Scott!)


First, I decided to use colors similar to the color scheme I have worked up for the kitchen. Second,  I cut them up in various shapes and sizes.  I was really random and didn't have a precise method for this step.


Third, I put glue on it. 

Yes, I recognize these instructions are elementary sounding but how could I possibly make this stuff sound like rocket science?



Fourth,  cover the letters in whatever fashion you choose.



Last, let them dry overnight.



Now hang them wherever you like and enjoy!



Next week I am going to give you step by step instructions on how to build a rocket;) Just kidding, kidding... that rocket would definitely fall apart!

Thanks Latoya! Smile  Your letters look great!!!

Have a great day!



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