Tips How To Saving Electric Bill with a Cool Roof

If you live in a climate that makes your air conditioner running constantly and be left to broaden your eyes when you see your high electric bill during the hottest summer months, you may want to consider some major improvements to your roof.

How To Saving Electric Bill with a Cool Roof
Your current roof.

Most homeowners have a black roof and as many of us now, put on black heat. So much so, that asphalt roofs can reach temperatures of up to 185 degrees! No wonder that your AC unit to work hard to be double to your house to cool down your roof, is like a heater to your home in summer. The main reason why his name was replaced by this is that it reflects only about 50-10 percent of infrared light from the sun.

As a white roof can help save you money.

If you should put a white roof on your house, you would see a drastic decrease in your electric bill. A white roof only reaches temperatures of 70 degrees, it is significantly different to the black. White roofs are cooler, because the infrared light of the sun much more - reflects as much as 76 percent!

What if you do not want a white roof?

No problem! You can buy cool roofs in the darker colors as the traditional. They even come in tiles, shingles, and in metal if you would like to bring your neighbors. Keep in mind, the one that does not reflect the darker colors so much infrared light - about 30 percent. However, it is much better than what you have now and this is more money in your pocket at the summer!


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