5 Tips, How To Train Your Puppy

The second is our new puppy, T-Rex ran into our new house and saw my then nine year old son, he got so agitated him pissing (and) his feet. Fortunately, my son was barefoot and the tile floors were cleaning. Right after that get-well-known incident, we ensured the puppy often take out for Pipibrüche. T-Rex caught on fast and soon our house was pee and poop-free.

Puppies are like babies. You want to please you get easily excited, are eager to learn and can not keep everything inside. With patience and a few weeks time, you can have a house trained puppy, too. Try these tips and see for yourself

5 Tips To House Train A Puppy

1. Watch your puppy constantly. The trick is to catch the puppy in the act to. "Tell me now" not "a few times (do not cry) and take it outside for about 10 minutes. Do not play with them while on their outer eliminate breakage. A puppy usually pees six times a day, often right after they eat and / or drink. A puppy can only poop once a day.

2. Avoid giving your puppy all to drink a few hours before bedtime. It minimizes or eliminates the Middle-of-dnacht peeing outside excursions no matter the weather. Let your puppy sleep in your bedroom, if possible, and prepare you to quickly with any movement from the pups before getting up.

3. Try to document training for the small or indoor pets. Overlay newspaper in a corner of a non-carpeted area and away from water and food dishes. Take the puppy to the newspaper immediately after meals. Remove the top layer of the paper, whenever the puppy then removed, but superimposed on the underside of the holiday, as puppies go to pee or poop wherever they smell like urine.

4. Give your puppy lots of outside time or route, as a lucky puppy is less likely to get worried and in the House to eliminate out of print.

5. Be in agreement on the seat in the house and / or in the outside if the pup is taken. Again attracts the previous "odor of the pups at this point. Consistently use a simple word like "outside" when you get your puppy to Pipi-/poopunkt.

You need doubt no pet odors, if you plan to sell your house soon, so you still need your puppy for the first five or six months to watch carefully. Patience is a virtue, in life and puppy training.


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