11 Room design ideas in Turquoise Blue!

Turquoise blue is a beautiful color and has warm and cool undertones to it. Turquoise is a beautiful color choice for any room because of its serene yet invigorating effect. It can be paired with lot of colors and makes any room cheerful and visually appealing.

This post has ideas that will help you include turquoise in your home color palette. Use them as accent colors or pair them with a range of different colors to amazing effect. Depending on how you use it, turquoise decor can be bold, whimsical, dreamy, or lively. Some good colors combinations are White, Yellow, Pink, Green and even Orange and Coral red.

Beautiful Turquoise wallpaper in a charming cottage chic setting. A lovely soft, dreamy unique effect!

Retro modern, with a cheerful pop of color. Turquoise blue walls offset the white and yellow accent pieces. Elegant and energetic contemporary living room design.

Cool turquoise and gold is the perfect backdrop for this dramatic bedroom decor. Gold mixes beautifully with turquoise if you like to make a statement. Uber stylish and gorgeous.

Both Turquoise and Green are serene colors and this dining room in White looks so calm and inviting. Use turquoise in accent pieces and smaller doses if you are experimenting.

Fun floral girly bedroom. This is a perfect combination of a lot of colors and shades. The energizing aspect of pink and green with the calm effect of white and blue. Love!!

Moroccan and Mediterranean decor uses a lot of blue and turquoise. Turquoise and White is a classic pairing. The color combination is used to the best affect in this elegant unique living room design.

Victorian floral pattern wall paper in Turquoise uplifts this white shabby chic dining room to a whole new level! Beautiful and stylishly done vintage inspired decor is absolutely amazing!

Using Turquoise with other soft pastel colors can have a very feminine result. Here white and pale yellow combined with turquoise make for an irresistible bedroom color combination.

Blue is the color of water and is perfect for bathroom decor. Turquoise is soothing. Love this zen like  bathroom atmosphere. The open windows lets in lots of light and air to create zen harmony.

Very unusual color palette, Golden and Silver combined with Turquoise. It creates a beautiful fresh feeling and this bedroom is a restful abode.

Absolutely adore the pale turquoise printed wall paper. It is the most interesting accent in the entire room. It forms the central theme and a seamless look. Use unique wall paper on one wall and build your decor around it.

Love turquoise color and its versatility. It can be combined with so many colors to different effect! If you are just falling in love with it, use in small doses or as accent pieces. Designing a room around Turquoise blue is an excellent idea, just choose the shade that reflects your personality and liking best! Hope you are inspired by it :c)


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