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Good morning!!!  I am extremely excited about this post!!!  Back by popular demand, one of my TOP Shaklee Specials are back for a limited time!!

This rocks!

I actually have 2 amazing deals! 

Before I tell you the specials, check out what my clients said that are doing our Cinch Challenge!  They are 2 months in and loving it!

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I don't know if I'm more excited about our date night or the fact that I can fit back into a sexy prebaby dress :)

I weighed myself this morning and I'm PSYCHED!! 4 pounds down and…(drumroll) 1 size smaller!!! Yup, I'm wearing pants today that fit great and they're a 10! In a couple more weeks I'll have lots of 12-14's to donate!! YAY!

My personal goal was to maintain my weight during the Christmas holidays. To my surprise I had lost another pound by the 26th when I weighed in at Curves. The Cinch program works!

Hey y'all happy to report, I have been Cinching like a rockstar since last week and am down 3 lbs, woot!!
I am down 10lbs from Nov 1. First time ever I have been successful at losing any kind of weight. Feels good. :)


Since I got the 'cocktail' of chemotherapy 7 yrs ago, I was blessed with random hot flashes. BUT I have happily discovered that the non GMO soy Cinch shakes has eliminated them! So cool!


I have finally gotten to the point where I eat like a rat (sorry can't think of anything else) instead of eating like a pig (again, can't come up with a better analogy). I lost three pounds over the holiday even though I cheated and I think it's because I kept my metab up by eating in smaller portions rather than gulfing everything down at one meal and unbuttoning my jeans:)


I finally tried the Cinch Chocolate shake an I love it so much I wish I could have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


I haven't checked in for awhile so just wanted to give an update. I'm down five pounds and am feeling healthy and energized. I haven't exercised appropriately but I'm sticking to the Cinch diet plan and am seeing results. A little nervous about leaving to see family tomorrow. My mom ALWAYS feeds us well. Her cooking is amazing. Pray for will power!
Stats this week...down another 3 lbs...4 lbs away from my goal and I have already brought my healthier version of Thanksgiving favorites to take to my family's big ole unhealthy eat out next week.
I missed the call tonight because I am on a girls weekend with my sister. We went shopping and I bought new jeans. Size 10!! In July I was busting out of 14....close to my size 8 skinny jeans!

Down 5 pounds in 2 weeks and feel great...very energized!! This is the first plan I’ve ever done that actually works and keeps me feeling full. :)

In less than 2 weeks I'm down 2.5 pounds and 1% body fat! I haven't lost an ounce of muscle either!! YAY for Leucine!! (I would have been off to a better start but there was a ton of Halloween candy lingering…sent it to work with my husband and now I'm ready!!)
Measured today, down 8 lbs and 10.25 inches (not counting the bust and chest;))
Lost a 1/2 inch off of my butt! Woohoo! (First week)
I’m done 3 pounds in one week!! I know if I continue this average I will reach my weight loss goal by week 12!!!
It's official, I'm down 7 pounds. 8 more lbs before I reach my goal...and hey since I added another month I want to get rid of an extra 5 after Christmas:)

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Our First Special is our Body Transformation Pack!!!

This pack has everything you will need in a months supply to lose your unwanted fat!

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A Day With Cinch

The Cinch program isn’t just delicious – it’s easy to follow. Just replace two meals with your choice of shakes or meal bars, treat yourself to a snack and afternoon tea and take a metabolism booster with each meal. Add a healthy dinner and your day is complete. Just follow the plan.

This is what your pack incudes!


This is guaranteed to work or get your money back!

Cinch Transformation Pack

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I did this program and LOVED IT!  As a mom, it gives me more energy and it’s so simple so I don’t need to think about what to eat next!  Plus, it WORKS!

Here is my before.


After!  After only 3 months!

Sarah also wrote about her story here!


After!  After only 3 months!

Latoya wrote about her story here!

Claire wrote about her story here!



Here I am halfway to my goal….I actually had to buy new pants.  Whoohoo!  I went down 2 sizes and several inches!  I feel so much better and have a lot more energy.


Andrea wrote about her story here.

Here is a  comparison in the same clothes!



Kindra shared her story here.

What will your story be?

After you place order, you will be invited join our online community to help with your success!  I want to help you every inch of the way!!

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