Quick and Easy Summer Interior Design Ideas

Today I'm giving you some quick and easy interior design ideas to add an instant touch of summer to your home.

* Make use of plants whether they are real or artificial, as they will add another dimension to your room.

* You may consider hanging a striking piece of artwork on one of your walls, in fact depending on the type of painting it is, you could actually make this a focal point in your living room.

* Another thing to remember and to keep in mind is the lighting that you have in your room. If the lighting is too harsh this can create an atmosphere that can seem too cold and it might seem difficult to relax.

* As for the walls in your dining room you might like to consider keeping them a neutral colour, but at the same time having one of the walls painted in a bright colour as a contrast. Or use teal curtains against beige or white walls to brighten your windows.

* If you are looking to create a focal point in your dining room, a very easy way to do this is to get hold of a large painting, preferably abstract and hang this on one of your walls.

Image: An Indian Summer


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