Interior Design Ideas: Using Purple

In my last post I talked about plum and aubergine as accent or complimentary colours to team with green. However, being such a regal colour, it can become too serious if used incorrectly. This is especially true for deep rich purples. This is fine if you are looking to create a very ornate and royal looking room such as a dining room or bedroom, however to make it more playful and relaxed try using patterned materials or wallpaper.

Even something as simple as swirls of white, or alternating brighter shades can turn an otherwise stuffy colour in to a very refreshing and laid back look.

These vibrant shades of purple, bordering on the lines of magenta or heliotrope, often look amazing in small accessories and areas of a room. Everything from patterned bedroom curtains, to lampshades and cushions can be purple - adding a strength and sophistication to any area.

Look for fabulous purple curtain fabrics online to see the wide and varied choices of plain tones and beautiful patterns which can used to make soft furnishings, curtains, cheap cushion covers and Roman blinds, to suit the style of your home and d├ęcor.

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