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Welcome to my series, Organize your Life! Smile

Organize your LIFE

Hello everyone!  How is your organization lately?  Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed?  Or do you feel like you have everything under control?

I have to be honest here, before starting this series and reading/following the book Organize Now!,  I did feel stressed out!  I felt that my house always looked good and clean and the outside but I felt that insides (the cabinets, closets, drawers, etc.) were a total mess!  This weighed me down and was embarrassing to me!

I think I really changed after the first month on this series because it was all about organizing your mind and schedule.  I hadn’t really  thought about organizing my mind before. It makes sense, doesn’t it?!?  I had a LOT to think about!  I am a busy momma of three kids now 6 and under.  I do all the housework myself and my husband works way too many hours.  I have a blog and I own my business.  I also try to cook healthy meals, take the kids outside daily, read to them, take a shower and wear make-up, exercise, read, decorate, stay in touch with family and friends, etc.  Just thinking about it is a little crazy, lol!  That is why organizing my schedule is vital for us to stay on track!

I wanted to do a big post on organizing my summer schedule for you all (I have been getting requests) and I still want to but I am a little busy living it, lol!  But I will give a quickie here…


This is just a sample of our day…

7/8 am- wake up and eat breakfast, get dresses, clean-up kitchen,  talk and enjoy the morning together! Smile


9 am- gymnastics (they go 2x a week) or bike ride as a family


10am- this and next week we have swimming lessons but we also like the splash park, petting zoo, etc.


11am- play time/activity/ pick-up house a bit


12 noon- lunch (at home or picnic)


1-4 pm- baby takes a nap (ok, he is not really a baby anymore – he’s 2 1/2)  but he needs a daily nap.  The other kids will play outside or do a workbook at this time.  I will get some house stuff done- cleaning, laundry, organizing or Shaklee emails, phone calls or blog posts.  I also like to go outside with the kids too so I hurry up with all my stuff!


4 pm pm- I will start dinner.  The kids like to help.  If dinner is easy or it’s a leftover day.  We will all play outside.


5/6 pm- We eat dinner.  We eat as a family every night.  (My husband may or may not join us) We works late a lot. Sad smile


6/7 pm- play outside again but now with daddy too and then we pick-up all the toys in the house.  Then we do a game, baths, get ready for bed and I read to the kids!  We all climb into one bed and I read to all of them at one time.  I will read different level of books so they are interested.  I will also have my oldest daughter read aloud to us too. 


8 pm- Prayers and bed.  We extended their bedtime to 8 pm over the summer.


9 pm- mom and dad time!  We really enjoy our time together!


10/11 pm Bed!

Now this is just a regular day at home.  We will change our schedule if we have an event going on or if we take a little field trip.

Here are some other tricks/tips that help me:


I have a mamma’s helper once a week so I can catch-up on emails, posts, phone calls or whatever else I need.

I get my house “guest ready” once a week so I stay on top of everything.

I use lists to let me know what I need to do.

I do 2 loads of laundry a day.

I try to organize one thing a week and I keep up with the things that I already organized.

I will have the whole house picked-up once a day so things don’t get out of control.

I read emails, blogs and facebook on my iphone instead of the computer.  (that saves me time)

I try to keep my emails under one page.

I don’t stress out about the little things.  (this is hard for me but I just ask myself, what is REALLY important?)

I use a star chart to reward the kids for their good behavior. 

I don’t put all my throw pillows on my bed (unless someone is coming over).

We also try to have a date night once a week to catch-up and make time for each other.


I am sure there is more but that is all I can think about now.


If you missed any post about my series so far, here you go!


Week 1: Mind

Week 2: Schedule

Week 3: Cleaning Schedule

Week 4: Priorities

Week 5: Personal Information

Week 6: Finances

Week 7: Bill Paying

Week 8: Receipts

Week 9: Files

Week 10: Magazines & Newspapers

Week 11: E-mail

Week 12: Mail

Week 13: Crafts

Week 14: Children’s School Work

Week 15: Closets

Week 16: Cabinets

Week 17: Party Supplies

Week 18: Closet {extra}

To order the book that I am talking about, click on the link below…


Also, I will probably not post an organizing post next week because my Mother-in-Law will be coming tomorrow and staying for the week. We don’t get to see her a lot so we will by busy spending time with her! Smile


I hope that you are enjoying your summer!!!

Organize your life

Please link up your latest organizing post below.

How is organizing going? Do you feel stressed or under control?

What is your summer schedule like?

What tips do you have to help your summer schedule?



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