We all know that a skin care regimen starts with a good cleanser, but, have you ever wondered why it’s so important?  Let’s explore the reasons behind why we need to make sure our skin is 
cleaned properly, no matter what skin type.

Why Is It Important To Use A Cleanser?

Even if you don’t wear makeup, it’s very important to wash your face with a cleanser.  “It’s not just makeup you want to wash off”, says Dr. Charles Zugerman, Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Northwestern University.  Facial cleansers remove makeup, pollutants, bacteria and unwanted debris off of our face.

In addition, it’s important to recognize that properly cleansing the skin prepares your skin to absorb products you may put on after, like a serum or moisturizer.  Clearing out your pores allows the moisturizer to penetrate into your skin for maximum effectiveness.  What’s the point of applying moisturizers and treatments if your skin isn’t able to absorb them fully?

How To Choose A Cleanser That’s Right For Your Skin Type

When choosing a cleanser, April W. Armstrong, MD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the University of California Davis recommends on WebMD to “Always use a gentle cleanser, since harsh soaps can trigger the skin to increase oil production.”  I completely agree, and even though it may be tempting to get that squeaky clean feel, it may strip your skin of the good oils — making your skin react by producing even more oil!

Additional Tips:

- A regular facial cleanser can’t properly break down and remove waterproof makeup, so be sure to use a separate makeup remover if you use waterproof makeup

- Want to add an additional ‘rinse’ cycle?  Use a toner to remove any debris or makeup that a cleanser may have left behind!  You’ll be surprised to see what a little toner and a cotton pad will remove even AFTER you’ve cleansed your face, especially if you wear makeup

- After a thorough cleansing, be sure to follow up with a moisturizer that best fits your skin type and concerns.  Even if you have oily skin, don’t skip this step!  Oily does not mean your skin is moisturized or hydrated. According to Rebecca Kazin, MD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute and Director of Johns Hopkins Cosmetic Center (WebMD), “Even oily skin needs to be moisturized to look its best.”
I often get asked what kind of skin care line I use and I am sure that you won't be surprise when I tell you that Shaklee has a line for that and I and LOVE it!  Yup, it's called Enfuselle (like to infuse the cell)!  I have been exclusively using it for 9 years.  I got my hubby started several years ago too and he is hooked too, lol!  I go back and forth between and dry and oily kits because I love them both and my skin likes to change with my pregnancies.  My favorite product is the night cream because it makes my face feel like silk and I also really like the morning cream because my make-up blends nicely with it and it has spf 15 in it.
Do you have oily or dry skin?

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