My Energy Secret {Cinch Energy Tea}

Hello!! :)  How are you?  Today, I want to answer a question that I get a lot.  People often ask me how I have energy.  They ask me how I have energy for 4 kids, a husband, a business, a blog, a home, meals, laundry, etc.  

I have a secret,  it's my energy tea!

I swear by it!!  

I drink one or two of these a day!

This is what it looks like.  I love the Pomegranate and I really like the Green Tea.

It comes in a stick which is nice because I keep them in my purse.  My husband also brings them to work.

All I do is mix it with water!!  I also like to add some stevia and ice to it.  You can drink it hot too but I love it cold.

Yup, I seriously LOVE this!!! :)  I don't drink coffee anymore.  I have been drinking this tea everyday for a year now!  It is seriously my favorite.  Everyone who tries this tea goes nuts over it! It is amazing.  It makes me feel good and alert without any jitters.

So, this is my secret!! 

What do you do for energy?


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