Theme Inspiration: Rustic cottage style decor ideas!

Rustic decor is a beautiful charming style of decorating! Its based on raw, textural and can look elegant and sophisticated. There is a whole range of ideas and usage. One can transform a space with lovely rustic furniture and typical accents like trellis and wooden details. Infact its possible to borrow from this really earthy country feel and bring it to any home or apartment.

Use your aesthetic sense to pick pieces of furniture, art or home furnishings that add a lovely dose of this fabulous decor. My love for open air and rustic furniture has inspired me to put together these lovely ideas. Hope you are inspired too!

Love this exotic bedroom! Great way to feature the vaulted ceiling and the amazing view. Cottage style decor is so visually appealing. There is minimum furniture, pendant lamp is the only perfect addition.

Rustic decor is not just for cabins or country style houses. This charming style adds warmth and unique flair to any space. This apartment living room has woven mat, distressed wood furnishing and burlap accent cushions. Such a vibrant decor!

The light wooden color seems to be the central theme in this bright sunny living room. A variety of texture, central to rustic decor, breaks to monotony. Fun pattern upholstery add a punch of color and energy!

Gorgeous woodland backdrop and huge open windows lends a wonderful energy to the living room. Rustic decor has elements of natural fiber and textures. Combination of burlap, seagrass and rattan are used with great result.

Just dabbling in country decor? Transform one corner at a time. Rustic textures look great even in modern contemporary furniture. Traditional and elegant it adds to the over all visual appeal and details.

Surrounded by flowers and open airy windows this sun room has an awesome setting. The wicker sofa set and french provencal detailing are so appealing. It is so welcoming and absolutely charming!

Eye popping gorgeous wood plank wall! This can easily inspire envy ;c) Simple furnishing and details, the rustic walls are the focal attraction of this country cabin style kitchenette. Textures have such beauty!

Adding colorful patterned upholstery adds to the warmth and charm of this country style dining alcove. Loving the teal and fuchsia pink combination. This little nook is so inspiring, heart it!!

Beach cottage bathroom decor. A beautiful accent selection. It has a polished look with use of soft pastel colors and textured wooden wall. Rustic decor style can be interpreted in many ways!

Gorgeous wooden flooring is the star in this bathroom! This country style bath has lots of interesting details, and the flooring is classic. Vintage claw footed bathtub and tiled wall complement beautifully.

Shabby chic and distressed furniture. One area which can always benefit from a little rustic flair is the garden or porch. Use details like trellis or arbors for a country appeal. Add lots of cushions to make it comfortable.


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