Best of 2010 – Decorating

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you my best…

cleaning posts

organizing posts

before and after posts

recipes posts

crafts posts

twice owned posts

…of 2010!

It was really fun (for me anyway)!  I loved going through my old posts and seeing everything that happened over the year.  My only regret is that I didn’t post more, ha!  I was just getting into blogging and I had way more to blog about than I did.  I will try to blog more this year…as long as my schedule will allow…my family is always first! :)

Anyway, here are some on my past decorating posts of 2010!  Enjoy~

Last January, I showed you how we added granite countertops to our kitchen and bathroom.

2010 01 31_2777

I showed you how I decorated my upstairs hall bathroom for under $120.

2010 02 25_0754

In March, I showed you how I decorated our table for my husband’s birthday.

2010 03 24_1840

I showed you our new guest room.

2010 04 29_3020

I showed you our new dining room.

2010 05 01_3107

In the spring, I showed you how I love to decorate with flowers and plants.

2010 05 14_3650

I showed you how we added crown molding.

2010 05 01_3098

I showed you how I decorated behind my pantry door.

2010 06 13_4972

I showed up ways that I decorated with garage sale finds including this $30 light fixture.

2010 06 13_4991

I showed you my love for my small front porch.

2010 06 02_4703

I showed you how I decorated my downstairs powder room.

2010 06 02_4651

I showed you a small kitchen update that I did by MYSELF.

2010 06 25_5224

I LOVE hydrangeas and over the summer, showed you my love for them and how I used them.

2010 06 25_5285

I showed you my new bedroom makeover.

2010 07 19_7458

I showed you my Bowl Full of Shells.

2010 07 28_7972

I showed you my new Family Room.

2010 08 05_8256

I showed my Simple Day Tablescape.

2010 08 10_8315

I showed you some pictures I took of my mom’s vintage decorating here.

2010 08 26_8738

I showed you how I used some of my garage sale finds.

2010 09 24_9335

I showed my love for decorating with throw blankets.

2010 10 19_9874

I showed you my fall décor.

2010 10 11_9693

I showed you some of my mom’s fall décor here.

2010 10 03_9428

I showed you my Simple Nature Tablescape around the fall season.

2010 11 13_0610

I also showed my love for using nature for decorating in the winter.

2010 12 08_1340

I showed you how I decorated my mirrors at Christmas time.

2010 12 09_1277

I showed you how I didn’t spend any money on Christmas decor and just used what I had.

2010 12 10_1421

I showed you my Wintery Christmas Tablescape.

2010 12 08_1354

And lastly, I showed you my simple Christmas Vignette.

2010 12 20_1567

I hope you enjoyed my past decorating posts!

Have a great day! :)



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