Interior Design Ideas – Kitchens the Hub of the Home

Kitchens are the hub of many people's home. A place where people naturally gravitate towards when they come home or at parties! As such this room should reflect the interior design of your home – it's where (rightly or wrongly) you'll be judged, not only for your cleanliness but also your interior design style or lack of it!

Kitchen floors have set a new standard with wood style flooring, marble, and now increasingly popular is the stone magna look. Staying away from plastic floor layouts is recommended and going for smooth slate that is easy to clean and can be polished by professionals or by using high street products. A kitchen rug, with anti slip matting as a safety precaution, can help keep feet warm in winter and add a splash of colour and pattern to coordinate with your kitchen blinds or curtain.

Kitchens can be tailored to fill every inch of space available and finding kitchen units prove an effortless task, the only decision being what to have. Blending kitchen units into the kitchen fittings, floor style, and scenery is something very popular today. Matches are easy to find and the units already take up space, so all that is left is filling in the gaps!

Image: Decorology


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