Interior Design Ideas: Focusing on Orange

Accessorising in orange is where it really starts to work its magic. By nature orange is used to create contrast and to work as a highlight in your home, so these smaller areas are the ideal place to make use of the colour. Tiles in your kitchen have already been discussed or maybe even the table and or chairs. You can even have some of your cabinets bright orange, but too many can quickly become devastating to the look unless you really pull it off well.

As such you may wish to create a mix of neutral and orange cabinets such as orange on top. Worktops generally will want to be a neutral however, as will smaller things such as lampshades or even kitchen blinds, depending on where they are positioned in relation to your orange cabinets.

If you want a Mediterranean theme a terracotta orange teamed with sky blue make for a winning colour combination which will bring a touch of natural warmth to kitchen. Use you foreign holidays to inspire your colours – add bright white for ceilings and walls and simply use orange as the accent colour for your accessories.

Image: Alluminare


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