Interior Design Ideas: Focusing on Grey

One of the key ideas when using these varying neutrals is to be creative. You need to really focus on this diversity, otherwise things start to become dull or fade in to the background. Shake things up a bit by working in both black and white, to really create a diverse range of neutral shades. This can actually create a very interesting look.

Generally you are better off having distinct splits of colours, so that each object or area is one solid block of colour - if you have a mix of too many neutral shades in one area they can just start to blend. So have your walls one shade, your curtains another and so on.

Monochromatic interiors are nothing new and yet typically most people associate this with black and white – and of course grey encompasses both of these colours. And yet you don't have to stick to monochromatic when using grey. Add pops of colour such as bright pink bedding sets or funky lime green bedroom curtains. These vibrant colour combinations will lift grey from dull and boring into a trendy and very sophisticated look.

Image: Shore Dreams and Beautiful Things


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